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Maggi Multi Use Rich & Rustic Tomato Sauce (12x800g)

Made with cooked onions, garlic & herbs combined with 40-day sun-ripened tomatoes, helping create rich & flavoursome sauces for dishes. No artificial colours or flavours. Gluten free. Thick & chunky consistency.

Holy Cow! Delhi Tikka Masala Curry Sauce (3x1kg)

Perfect with chicken, meat or vegetables. A sumptuous creamy tomato sauce, spiced with roasted cumin & fenugreek. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Holy Cow! Madras Chettinad Curry Sauce (3x1kg)

Perfect with chicken, meat or vegetables. Coconut, curry leaves & fenugreek create this aromatic Madras favourite. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Patak's Madras Sauce (2.2L)

A Madras sauce combining tomatoes and onions with a medium hot blend of spices.

Holy Cow! Mangalore Malabar Curry Sauce (3x1kg)

Perfect with prawns, fish or chicken. A delightfully gentle & aromatic tangy sauce flavoured with coconut & curry leaves. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Holy Cow! Mughlai Korma Curry Sauce (3x1kg)

Perfect with chicken or vegetables. A rich creamy sauce full of flavour, with aromatic cardamom & cumin. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Patak's Balti Sauce (2.2L)

Ready to use sauce. No added artificial colours or preservatives. Meets Department of Health UK 2012 Salt Targets. Suitable for Vegetarians.

Uncle Ben’s Balti Sauce (2.24kg)

Ready to use. Use straight from the jar for hot or cold recipes. Versatile - use for stir fries, marinating, dips, toppings, fillings. Freeze / thaw stable.