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Moving Mountains B12 Burger (20x113.5g)

Moving Mountains® is a ground-breaking British company leading plant-based innovation into unimagined territory with the UK’s first meatless “bleeding” burger. The Moving Mountains® (B12) Burger™ is 100% plant, 0% cow - made from a scientific blend of plant-proteins, vegetables and a base of mushrooms that are widely known for their health and medicinal properties creating a meat-like taste, texture and bleeding appearance.

KaterVeg! Vegetable Sausages (48x56g)

Lightly seasoned carrot, potato, peas, peppers, onion & sweetcorn formed into a sausage shape & coated in tempura batter.

Fribo Vegetable Burgers (30x113g)

Vegetables (carrot, onion, beans), rice & potato, seasoned & formed into burgers.

Yorvale Coconut & Vanilla Pod Dairy Free Ice Cream (2ltr)

A deliciously creamy ice cream made with a base of coconut milk & flavoured with vanilla & vanilla pods. Suitable for vegans.

Kara Gourmet Glazed Burger Buns (4x12)

Baked. Rich & soft texture with a sweet & buttery flavour.

Genius Gluten Free Seeded Rolls (25x68g)

Wheat-free & gluten-free white rolls with millet, sunflower, linseed & poppy seeds.

Daloon Sweet Potato Falafel (90x22g)

Made with sweet potato, chickpeas, tomato, apricot & a blend of spices. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

Destiny Foods Vegan Chocolate Orange Tart (14p/ptn)

Sweet vegan pastry case with orange marmalade & chocolate ganache, finished with chocolate mirror glaze.

King Asia Falafel Balls (2x2kg)

Falafel balls made from chickpeas, onions, & seasoning.