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Moving Mountains B12 Burger (20x113.5g)

Moving Mountains® is a ground-breaking British company leading plant-based innovation into unimagined territory with the UK’s first meatless “bleeding” burger. The Moving Mountains® (B12) Burger™ is 100% plant, 0% cow - made from a scientific blend of plant-proteins, vegetables and a base of mushrooms that are widely known for their health and medicinal properties creating a meat-like taste, texture and bleeding appearance.

Scheff Foods Vegan Lasagne (12x350g)

Vegetables in a tomato based sauce layered between vegan pasta sheets & topped with a herb infused crumb.

Wrights Vegan Lattice Roll (40x130g)

Unbaked. Lightly seasoned Vegan protein filling with a herby flavour, wrapped in light lattice puff pastry.

Scheff Foods Vegan Shepherd's Pies with Bubble & Squeak Cakes (12x400g)

Mushrooms, lentils, carrots & spinach, cooked in a rich ale flavoured sauce. Finished with tarragon & topped with two bubble & squeak cakes.

Scheff Foods Goan Vegetable Curry (12x350g)

A medium spiced, South Indian dish, flavoured with tomatoes & almonds. Finished with coconut & chopped coriander.
£26.50 £20.49

Scheff Foods Moroccan Nut Roast (12x300g)

Moroccan spiced brown rice, mixed with juicy sultanas, apricots & cranberries, with sweet butternut squash chutney & flaked almonds.

Scheff Foods Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Curry (12x350g)

Large diced roast sweet potato in a mild & creamy spinach & chickpea curry gravy.
£30.97 £21.97

Quorn Mince (1kg)

Contains mycoprotein, a meat free healthy protein that is naturally low in saturated fat & high in fibre.

Daloon Sweet Potato Falafel (90x22g)

Made with sweet potato, chickpeas, tomato, apricot & a blend of spices. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.